In the State of Hockey, hockey training programs and opportunities aimed at providing player development are not hard to find.  Workout facilities, shooting/stick handling camps, personal trainers and skating coaches are readily available and conveniently located throughout the State.  We too provide all those same services – these descriptions simply do not reflect the Spirit of MAP South Hockey.  In fact, the success of our program and athletes has nothing to do with what is being taught – it is about HOW it is being communicated to the athlete.

Our Instructor’s highest priority is to manage a balance in the strategic and multiple messages that we deliver to our athletes.   Our Culture nurtures the player’s deep Passion for the game and their enjoyment of competition.  This Culture encourages a critical commitment toward individual goals, both short and long-term.  Through this messaging balance, we have the strongest formula for DEVELOPING HIGH-CHARACTER ATHLETES.

Communication with our athletes never emphasizes negativity.  We don’t hold any value in punishing or putting down those who make mistakes, and we simply refuse to expose our athletes to fear-based coaching. We believe that there is more merit and considerably superior results through positive encouragement and healthy outcomes-based motivation.  The more we can help our athletes adopt the intended value of our training and teaching, the more they will embrace the methodology and enjoy the experience.    Ice sessions and workouts are challenging; it is vital that our athletes remain enthusiastic about each moment and the relentless pursuit of their goals.  We provide the tools and the opportunity.

We are equally proud of the atmosphere that is provided to our athletes.    Through the work of our scouting team during the regular season as well as our admissions format, we have stayed committed to only allowing the right individuals to be a part of MAP Hockey.  Physical tools, abilities, and awareness are needed, as well as strong hard-wired traits/characteristics that match the Mission of MAP South Hockey.  Each and every athlete is specifically chosen, then held accountable to not just take care of themselves, but to MAKE A DIFFERENCE and contribute to our environment as a whole.   To be constantly surrounded by other individuals who are equally enthusiastic about their future is both incredibly rewarding and powerful.

We lead the athlete toward the understanding that it is their responsibility to take advantage of them!  Proactively grabbing each moment is significantly more powerful than just passively letting the world pass by.   While we bring in players from many different communities, they all share a bond about their passion for the game and dedication towards success.  This formula not only establishes a higher sense of Community and Brotherhood, it also furthers healthy competition when playing with and against the top players in the State of Hockey.  To be a “South-Sider “ is not only about supporting your own development but also about COMMITTING TO SOMETHING BIGGER THAN YOURSELF!