MAP South Goaltending Individual Instruction

On the ice, MAP South Goaltending focuses on developing well-rounded goalies. Our coaches believe there are four key elements in elite level goalies:

  • Technical
  • Tactical
  • Mental
  • Physical

Our coaches focus on drills that work to improve each of these areas. We place emphasis on strong lines of communication between our staff and goalies in order to help them be assertive in their development.

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MAP South Goaltending will be offering privatized goalie sessions year round in a 2:1 goalie to coach ratio. This maximizes the number of quality repetitions for each goalie while offering optimal work to rest ratio. By utilizing smaller groups, more emphasis can be placed on visual and auditory feedback.

We also place importance on video analytics and analysis. Training options will be provided where the goalies will be filmed and the tape is broken down by Drew Fielding with commentary and visual tools using our state of the art video equipment. Young athletes require visual feedback in order to soak up our instruction and feedback and this is one of the ways we will maximize the quality of their training sessions.