Video & Game Analysis

Above is an expanded example of what our game breakdown’s look like at the NHL level!

MAP South Goaltending provides video and game analysis and analytics reports. The first benefit of this option is that goalies have access to visual and auditory feedback from Drew Fielding, who will help break down the strengths and areas of improvement for the goalies. At MAP South Goaltending, we understand that young athletes have different learning techniques and we will provide the opportunity for goalies to receive a critical analysis of their game.

In addition to this option, we will provide a detailed written summary of their strengths and weaknesses while also providing a goal and shot charting to identify how and where the goals occurred. Sports, in general, is becoming more analytically inclined, and we want to help young athletes have access to these options to stay ahead of the curve.

For more information regarding video/game consultations, please contact Drew at